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Leadership Qualities/Management Skills/Create Ideal Corporate Culture/Giving & Receving Feedback/Team Building/Effectivity/
Productivity/Increase Bottom line 

Quantitative results are what count!

What would you say to enhanced, significant improvement to behavioral performance that could be achieved within a 3-day training session?



  • Achieve success faster

  • Create a culture that accepts and welcomes change

  • Enhance implementation of all training and coaching

  • Establish subconscious alignment by individual to achieve business goals

  • Increase sales performance and results

  • Expand exceptional leadership throughout the organization

  • Elevate to a greater capacity for effective communication

  • Enhance team or group interaction

  • Create a wellness mindset to reduce absenteeism

  • Revitalize passion and commitment

  • Align business principles with Principles of Nature to create sustainable success

  • Discover how success is impacted by latest sciences such as neuroplasticity, quantum perspective and mind/body integration

Executive Coaching

Leadership  Program

Conflict Resolution

Business Coaching

PER-K is a simple and effective way to address mindset change at the subconscious level of the mind, where neuroscience tells us that over 95% of our thoughts and behaviors originate!  This is the part of mind that is really running our lives, and is below the level of our conscious awareness!  Unfortunately, most of these subconscious programs are outdated and even harmful to us, personally and professionally.


The good news is that these outdated programs can be “rewritten,” just as software can be updated in your computer.  Scientific research done using the PER-K process shows that it creates what is called a Whole-Brain State.  This bilateral, symmetrical brain wave state, makes high-speed mindset change possible.  Often self-limiting subconscious beliefs can be changed in a matter of minutes, no matter how long you have had them!


The PER-K Essentials for Success Workshop is appropriate for everyone working in business: executives, managers and employees.  During the workshop, participants will learn and practice skills and techniques that will transform them during the workshop and allow them to continue to improve and adapt in the future.  They can continue to use and apply the workshop techniques in day-to-day work, enhancing leadership, communication, effectiveness and productivity.  Ultimately, PER-K skills, can be applied to enhance success in business on an ongoing basis.


PER-K effects the ultimate positive attitude adjustment in the business arena, which in turn influences business success.


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